About Us

- What is Be Kind?
Be Kind is a local Townsville business Founded in 2017 with the vision of raising awareness about Mental Health, Suicide and to encourage all round Kindness.
Through Be Kind's merchandise, events, fundraisers and more, we aim to encourage others to believe in themselves, speak up, listen up and encourage all to be a little more kinder to themselves and to others.

- Why/how Be Kind started.
“Be Kind was established after a personal experience with mental ilness.
Throughout personal experiences, I sought help through the youth organisation 'headspace'. 
headspace Townsville were there for me in the hours of trauma, heartache and tears but were also there in the moments of achievements, memories and smiles.”

I wanted to give back to headspace but also let others know that there are people who care and are compassionate; all whilst helping to tear down the stigma that surrounds mental health and suicide. Be Kind started with BBQ fundraisers and have gone on to speak at schools, have an annual 'kindness walk' event and provide all types of apparel with reminders of kindness and messages of support on them which have been purchased by people from all over the country!

So far we have seen that our previous events and the #repostthepostit and #stickwithkindness projects have created more awareness around mental health, kindness and over all unity with members of the Townsville community.